There was a time in this country when having a felony record equals to a “don’t bother applying for a job” sign. This is no longer the case. According to a new study by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Charles Koch Institute, employers’ attitude about hiring citizens with felony records is changing. If you have a felony record do not be discouraged, Rise-N-Step.org is devoted to assisting you in securing the right job.

According to the study over 80% of managers and human resources professionals, state that workers with criminal records often bring greater value to an organization than those without records. 66% of HR professionals have already hired workers with criminal records, and the reasons they gave for hiring workers with criminal records were: (1) companies want to hire the best available candidate for the job,(2) the companies are willing to give workers a second chance; and (3) hiring people with criminal records improves the community.

In 2016, several large US employers such as Facebook, Starbucks, American Airlines and many others signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge to give ex-felons a second chance in the job market. As President Obama said in a speech at Rutgers University in 2015, “A lot of time, [a] record disqualifies you from being a full participant in our society—even if you’ve already paid your debt to society,” “It means millions of Americans have difficulty even getting their foot in the door to try to get a job, much less actually hang on to that job. That’s bad for not only those individuals, but it’s also bad for our economy.”

Many employers who have joined our FFE program understand the need to give citizens with criminal records a fair chance at getting and retaining a good job. It helps make the community stronger by reducing recidivism and improving the quality of life for many. Companies who signed the pledge committed themselves to “Banning the Box” (click here for a list of companies who signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge).

We would like to hear from you, if you have a criminal record and been struggling to find a job, please share your story with us in the comment section below.

Renee Hasler
Renee Hasler

Ms. Hasler brings an array of experience to Rise-N-Step. With a bachelor’s degree in nursing and graduate studies in Health Policy and Administration, Ms. Hasler has over three decades of healthcare and advocacy experience and is currently the COO of a large multistate specialty medical practice.

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