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The goal of Rise-N-Step is to reduce recidivism by:


Promoting individual accountability

Increasing community engagement

Fostering positive relationships

Impacting policy change on local, state, and national platforms.


Citizen Empowerment Through Advocacy and Education

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About as many people were returned to prison just for parole violations in 2000 as were admitted in 1980 for all reasons combined.
A first-time drug offense carries a sentence of 5-10 years. In other developed countries, that sentence would be six months of jail time, if any at all.
Three out of four young black men in D.C., can expect to serve time behind bars. This is despite the fact that people of all races use and sell drugs at the same rate.
Eighty percent of defendants cannot afford a lawyer. Tens of thousands of people go to jail every year without ever talking to a lawyer or going to trial.


Advocacy and Education

Through all Phases of the Criminal Justice System.


Prison Consulting
Don’t face the biggest challenge of your life without Rise-N-Step. From indictment to post-incarceration the consultants at Rise-N-Step are here to assist you every step of the way. The service include a whole range of advice and advocacy with regard to many issues. Call us for more information about our prison consulting services.
Inmate Advocacy and Support Services
Managing life inside the walls is challenging. Rise-N-Step is your voice. No issue to large or too small. Whether it is locating an address for a lost family member, checking on your case, researching new legislation or sending a letter on your behalf, Rise-N-Step is there for you while you do your time. Sign Up Today.
Re-Entry Programs
Rise-N-Step supports early in-prison reentry education and training using Rise-N-Step's proprietary assessment tool will help determine your skills, interest and aptitude and work with you on your individualized reentry plan and goals.
Family Support
The goal of Rise-N-Step is to assist inmates in maintaining positive family relations. Our team of advocates will work with families of inmates on issues such as communication, navigating the criminal justice and Bureau of Prison system, overcoming obstacles and reunification and reintegration.
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Rise-N-Step is a national organization that represents the interest of justice-involved citizens. We believe that our communities are stronger when we rehabilitate incarcerated citizens and effectively integrate then into the community. To that end Rise-N-Step advocates for and supports criminal justice policies and prison reform centered on rehabilitation. We believe reentry must be a program not a process and preparation for re-entry must include evidence-base programs that reduce recidivism. As a membership organization, Rise-N-Step assesses each incarcerated member individually and develops a plan for re-entry that includes education, job training, life skills, employment preparedness, religious support, job placement, housing assistance, family support and re-integration. We believe that re-entry must be a program that begins inside the prison not a process that begins after release.

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“A society is ultimately judged by how it treats it's weakest and most vulnerable members.”

Our programs strengthen the weakest among us. These programs are possible because of your generous donations.

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“A past prison sentence should never be a life sentence.” - Renee Hasler

In the United States citizens who are convicted of a felony or even a misdemeanor often serve a life sentence. Although we preach non-discrimination, justice-involved citizens continue to face discrimination in the workplace, housing, education, financial resources, and civil rights. If we are serious about reintegration we must remove these barriers.

"Reentry is a process, not a program, and until we start to get that as a society, we are going to continue seeing high rates of recidivism. Rehabilitation while incarcerated needs to include connections to the outside world and investments in the communities to which we return. In our model, reentry starts the moment the person is sentenced. Ninety-five percent of incarcerated individuals return to our communities, but the prison system is hindering individual's ability to prepare to return. Our focus needs to be about assessing what people can take care of, learn and prepare for while serving time, as well as preparing communities to welcome us home. Society wants to forget about people when they throw us behind bars, but we are still a part of society. It's time to end this form of neglect."
National Executive Director - Programming & Policies
Layne Pavey National Executive Director - Programming & Policies
“As someone with vast experience in the criminal justice system as prosecutor, defense attorney, defendant and inmate, I can tell you the prison industrial complex survives on recidivism. Our criminal justice system including our reentry process is designed to support the prison industry. The more people incarcerated the more money. Why would any fair-minded judge jail someone for being poor? Why do federal judges continue to put black and brown people in prison for decades for non-violent drug offenses? Rise-N-Step’s goal is to reduce recidivism through education and effective reentry programs. Our government must invest in in-prison education and training and remove the stigma associated with prison. I am personally committed to fight for rehabilitation and full Integration not partial integration.”
Chief Executive Officer
Emmanuel Roy Chief Executive Officer
“Today, over 2 million American citizens are currently incarcerated and over 20 million with felony convictions. As the number of incarcerated individuals continues to rise, so do the children and families impacted by the effects. One of the greatest challenges citizens face post-incarceration is the ability to find sustainable, gainful employment to support themselves and their families. People must be able to secure their basic needs in order to have a fighting chance at financial independence and stability. There is nothing magic in our approach. Rise-N-Step is committed to reducing poverty directly through enhanced job opportunities. We work with our members prior to release on job skill training, personal development and accountability and in most cases pair them with employers prior to release. We know that opportunity plus commitment equals success and we are committed to success."
Director of Philanthropy and Business Relations
Renee Hasler Director of Philanthropy and Business Relations

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