National Youth Mentoring Program


 Rise-N-Step has developed an innovative National Youth Mentoring Program that targets at risk and high-risk youth by:

  • Train formerly incarcerated men and women to become mentors for at risk and high-risk youth.
  • Leverage the experience of our trained mentors as credible messengers to provide group and individual mentoring to at risk and high-risk youth.
  • Utilize our trained mentors as consultants to professional staff and systems that provide services for at risk and high-risk youth.


Program Overview

The mission of  Rise-N-Step's National Youth Mentoring Program:

Our first priority is to provide comprehensive and intensive training to formerly incarcerated men and women who are interested in being youth mentors. The training will cover areas such as, youth development, crisis intervention, ethic sand boundaries, emotional intelligence, public speaking, active listening and effective communication skills to name a few. The purpose of this training is not only to ensure that our mentees receive the highest level of service but also to increase the skill set and capacity of our Rise-N-Step members.

 Our second priority is to provide mentoring services to both at risk and high-risk youth (ages 12-26). Rise-N-Step's mentoring services will be delivered using two distinct methods. Our first method will be the facilitation of group workshops. Our group workshops will be facilitated by our trained mentors to youth audiences both large and small. Through the telling of their own personal stories mentors will walk youth through a process of demystifying and deglamorizing street life and life in prison. Mentors will use their own lives as examples to help youth illuminate their own decisions and patterns of behavior. The second method used will be a one-on-one mentor model.

Using this method Rise-N-Step will conduct a comprehensive assessment of each youth and follow up with an appropriate mentor match. The mentor, under the supervision of Rise-N-Step, will spend quality time with the youth with the goal of providing guidance and direction to aid the youth in avoiding the pitfalls in their lives that could potentially lead to prison.

Our third priority is to provide consultation services to professionals and systems that work with at-risk or high-risk youth. Our mentors are coming with a wealth of real-world experience. We often see many entities that work with high-risk youth struggling to develop stronger interventions and more effective ways to work with young people that present with challenges. We believe one way to help improve the outcomes for this population is to have those in positions of power learn from men and women who have been through these experiences themselves and can provide a unique insight. Only someone who has once walked in the same shoes as at-risk/high-risk youth can give us that perspective. We believe that insight is invaluable as we continue to improve and support the lives of young people.

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