Prison Consulting Services


Rise-N-Step provides consulting services to individuals who have been indicted. Many defendants who are arrested for the first time are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. While your attorney will help you through the court process, Rise-N-Step will help you through the incarceration process whether you plead guilty or go to trial. Additionally, our consulting service takes a holistic approach to the circumstances and how they affect family members.

Rise-N-Step's consultants have personal experience with the criminal justice system, many of them had served time in federal prison and understand what a first time offender will face. To that end, the consulting services provide you with information that only a person with that experience is able to provide.


Call us for more information about our Prison Consulting and Counseling Services. We can address many issues, a few examples are listed below:

Guilty Plea
Trial by Jury
Acquitted Conduct
Relevant Conduct
Pre-Sentence Report
Sentencing/Sentencing Range
Reporting To Prison
The Difference in Level of Security
Prison Culture
Good Times
Programs to Earn Good Time
Prison Case Manager/Counselor
Ten Minute Move
Best Facility to Serve Time In
Preparing Family Members
How to Talk to Children
Financing Incarceration
How to Put Your Finance in Order
BP-8, 9, 10 & 11
Prison Administrative Issues
Prison Disciplinary Proceedings
Administrative Rules
Release Address
Job Search
Burying Derogatory Info on the Internet
Halfway House
Re-Establishing Professional Career
Professional Licenses
Webcast Consulting with Client & Family