I was sent to federal prison in 2012, I was down for 41 months and the entire time I was in, I spoke to my case manager about job training and there was nothing. I was released to a halfway house in 2015 with nothing just the clothes on my back. There was no one to help me. I was trying to better myself by trying to get into community college and was denied access to financial aid because of my criminal records. I ended up taking a part-time job without benefit so I could get by. I wish an organization like Rise-n-Step was there in 2015. I sure could have used the help.”
Released in 2015
Charles Miller Jr. Released in 2015
“I was released from Danbury federal prison camp after serving 10 years for drug conspiracy. I was 1200 miles from home and my mother could not afford to bring my three children to visit. As a mother this was the hardest part of my incarceration. I wish there was an organization like that to advocate for me and my family.
Released in 2016
Heather McKinon Released in 2016
“My husband was recently indicted and we had no idea where to turn or what to do. I contacted Rise-n-Step and the advisor I talked to provided me with much needed information. I was anxious and stressed out but after talking to them I have to say I felt better knowing what to expect. This was unfamiliar territory for us. Having to talk to someone who is been there was very helpful.”
Husband out on bail awaiting trial
Jennifer Husband out on bail awaiting trial
“When I got to the halfway house in Spokane, Washington, I knew no one, I had no money. I had been in prison for 7 years, with no job training or skills to speak of. Actually I have never had a real Job in my entire life. I am 42 now. I could only stay in the halfway house for three months which was the length of my halfway house time. I was going to be homeless until a friend told me to call Rise-N-Step and these people were nice. They got me into a transitional house and even helped me get a job. I am so thankful for them because without them I would have been homeless and quite frankly I was considering committing a crime and go to jail so I have a place to live, it is cold out there.”
Released in 2018
Ronny Coleman Released in 2018

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