Renee Ballantyne

Director of Philanthropy and Business Relations

Ms. Ballantyne brings an array of experience to Rise-N-Step. With a bachelor’s degree in nursing and graduate studies in Health Policy and Administration, Ms. Ballantyne has over three decades of healthcare and advocacy experience and is currently the COO of a large multistate specialty medical practice.

She spent a large portion of her career in the Biotech industry where among her many roles she was responsible for grant allocation for community organizations as well as healthcare outreach and program development for underserved populations including Federally Qualified Health Clinics and prisons. She has been a founder, board member and past president of several local and regional nonprofit organizations.

Renee’s interest in inmate advocacy grew from multiple sources. She has seen how incarceration affects even the strongest families. Most recently Renee’s passion for criminal justice reform advocacy was fueled as she witnessed the process firsthand. She quickly became a defacto advocate and mentor for family members and spouses of the justice involved.

Renee is a certified paralegal with experience at the state and federal level. She resides in Spokane, WA.


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