The members of our Leadership Team are dedicated professionals who donate their time to fight for this cause and give a voice to justice involved citizens and their families.

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Leadership Team

Research Institute for Incarceration Studies-Fellows

Our Purpose & Values

Rise-N-Step.org is the advocacy and program arm of the Research Institute for Incarceration Studies  (RIIS), a nonpartisan policy think tank, charged with a simple mission: to reduce recidivism and impact policy change at the local, state and national level.

RISE-N-STEP.org is a national advocacy organization for justice-involved individuals and their families. We believe that rehabilitation starts the minute the person crosses the prison threshold doors and continues through the halfway house and beyond. Rise-N-Step is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit membership organization. If you support our mission and want to assist a justice-involved individual sign-up as a “Citizen Sponsor.”

Rise-N-Step members who are currently incarcerated and want to participate in our reentry program must complete an in-depth five part application. Rise-N-Step’s personal development team reviews the information and works with the inmate to develop an individualized re-entry plan that includes:

  1. Educational Needs
  2. Job Skills Training
  3. Family/Religious/Community Relations
  4. Transitional and Permanent Housing
  5. Mental Heath/Substance Abuse Referrals
  6. Job Prospects and Placement

To maintain membership in Rise-N-Step while incarcerated, a member must be dedicated to rehabilitation, maintain a good disciplinary record and is committed to become a productive member of society.

percent of released prisoners stay out of prison
percent of the prison population are black Americans
billion dollars per year to run the US prison system
people die per year in the prison system

Ongoing Projects

Rise-N-Step is involved in the development of several local, regional and national Projects that engage the community at all levels. You can become a sponsor of any of our programs by contacting Renee Hasler, Rise-N-Step Director of Philanthropy and Business Relations.

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