Every day in America law-abiding citizens unbeknown to them break three laws that could potentially lend them in prison. One of the most unfortunate aspects of our society is the prison industrial complex and our addiction to incarceration.  While crimes must be curtailed and the criminal punished, many Americans who end up in prison are businessmen and women who made poor choices without criminal intent or criminal mentality. Unfortunately, the government does not see the difference between erring citizens and those with a bona fide criminal mentality.   If you are a professional, a doctor, lawyer, a Wall Street executive, or simply an entrepreneur who is faced with a federal indictment, and unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, a prison consulting and counseling service is a wise investment. How do you find the right prison consulting and counseling service?

At Rise-N-Step, we provide our clients and members with a comprehensive prison counseling package that includes a full range of services covering issues like preparing the client for prison; which prison is best to serve time in; counseling family members, conducting financial assessment while helping the client gets his or her financial affairs in order and reviewing possible alternative for sentence reduction. In addition, because Rise-N-Step is a not-for-profit inmate advocacy organization, we continue to provide support, advice, and counseling throughout the entire incarceration term. Unlike other prison consultants who abandon you, once you report to prison, Rise-N-Step prison consultants are available to assist you and your family with whatever issues you may encountered in prison.

Even the most well-behaved inmates, at some point during the incarceration process would find himself or herself entangled in prison disciplinary proceedings. Rise-N-Step’s qualified prison consultants will prepare you for a prison disciplinary hearing and help with appeals from a finding of guilt. We will continuously assist with drug programs, post-conviction motions, transfers, medical treatment intervention, Inmate Financial Responsibility Program revision petitions, and work assignments. We will advocate on your behalf for the maximum Halfway House time and home confinement.

In addition to prison consulting and counseling service, Rise-N-Step provides you with post-incarceration services that assist you with reintegration in society, helping you reestablish your reputation and your professional life. Throughout your entire incarceration term, we continue to assist you with a plan of re-entry. In some way, our service is not just prison consulting and counseling, but a prison support system that makes the experience less painful.

Rise-N-Step prison consultants are former prosecutors, criminal defense lawyers, medical doctors, executives, former prison officials and employees with over a century of combined experience who are familiar with the entire criminal justice system from indictment to post-incarceration; people like you who have erred and ended-up in prison. They have joined Rise-N-Step to assist you, to provide you with the information that they wished they had when they went through their own ordeal.

Rise-N-Step’s consultants will use their experience and skills to engage prison officials and motivate them about the course of actions beneficial to the client. They will counsel the client about how to achieve certain objectives.

Rise-N-Step consulting service is not just for the indicted client, but for family members who will undoubtedly have many questions about the prison system. Whether you are sentenced to three years of twenty years, Rise-N-Step will be there to alleviate your family’s uncertainty. Often, questions will come up about unfamiliar issues such as transfer, bottom bunk pass, visiting list, computation of time, our experienced consultants will continue to assist your family holding their hands through the process.

Choosing a prison consulting firm is very important, especially if you have a family. You want to pick a firm with consultants who have been in prison and have a legal background.  I have twenty years of legal experience both as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. My wife and I have a combined 30 years experience in the criminal justice system. As a family, we have dealt with my incarceration and during that time, we have learned a lot and realized many families like us do not have a place to turn to, or someone to help them. We founded Rise-N-Step to help those who are facing time in federal and state prison.

Rise-N-Step is the best firm to prepare you for this experience. Our 15 qualified prison consultants have either served time at all levels of security in federal prison, been a family member of a justice-involved individual, worked as a prison guard or a case manager or have advocated on behalf of justice involved individuals. Rise-N-Step are available to you 24 hours a day/seven days a week by calling 202-355-6437. For a confidential consultation, please email us at info@rise-n-step.org.

Yolanda Cadet
Yolanda Cadet

Ms. Yolanda Cadet is a Master Level Social worker with certification in multi- disciplinary practice. Her approach & skills come from a range of modalities, from modern psychology, to life coaching, NLP, CBT and counseling. Her background is very diverse.

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